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My fabulous day

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Today was my birthday and it turned into a great day.  I woke to a card (with always the right color & size cash in it) and a big box of chocolates.


I received “happy wishes” texts from the family in the afternoon, then a delicious prime rib dinner at a favorite restaurant.

During the day I finished the Creative Chemistry 102 reference book that I posted about over two and a half years ago when I started the cover!  You can read that post here.  I finished the cover with some die cuts, added some tabs to the dividers and then used my Cinch to assemble the book.


102 finished book 7-9-2016 9-09-30 PM


102 book tabs 7-9-2016 9-10-33 PM

I’m happy to have an easy reference to the techniques and lessons from CC102.  I’ll be putting it to use as I work on the challenges for the Summer of Creative Chemistry.

A few days ago my friend delivered this beautiful fairy garden basket.  I just love it.


I hope you had a wonderful day.  Here’s to a great and art-filled week ahead,



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  1. So glad you had a great birthday. I had an idea there would be cash involved. You just can’t go wrong with chocolates & cash. Cute basket, too.:)


  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Vic!!!!! What a wonderful day and your book is fab!!!


  3. Love you book. Never thought to do one for Creative Chemistry, even though I did one for the 30 day coloring challenge.


  4. Happy Birthday Vic…. I really like your book. Have a wonderful day,Jenny



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