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Learning with Creative Chemistry 103

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I’ve spent the last few days learning and creating along with Tim Holtz in his online class, Creative Chemistry 103.  I’ll be sharing my samples from each day in the next few posts.

I created ATCs instead of tags like I had done in past classes.  I have a plan for using them in my reference book, I’ll share that later (if my idea pans out).

Here are my Day 1: Distress Accessories samples.

Day 1 DIY Ombre 8-6-2016 5-51-54 PM - Copy (2)

Distress DIY Ombre

Day 1 - 2 Highlight Stamping 2 8-6-2016 5-52-10 PM

Distress Highlight Stamping

Day 1 - 3 off-set stamping 2 8-6-2016 5-53-15 PM - Copy

Distress Off-Set Stamping

Day 1 - 4 washed watercolor 2 8-6-2016 5-55-23 PM - Copy - Copy (2)

Distress Washed Watercolor

Day 1 - 5 micro-glaze resist 1 8-6-2016 5-57-37 PM - Copy - Copy (2)

Distress Micro-Glaze Resist

That’s it for my Day 1 creations.  Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. Well, aren’t you just the busy bee! Looks like an interesting class. Keep the pics coming.:)



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